Ottawa Team Shop: Update 4

I’m happy to say everything has been resolved.

As a sign of mutual respect, I have taken down the previous posts on the subject.

Going on the offensive about my issues with the Ottawa Senators and their official store is certainly not something I wanted to do nor enjoyed doing. And for all those involved it was not something they enjoyed being a part of.

Yes, while I torched the store, its management, and their customer service, there’s still something to keep in mind: people generally don’t like burning bridges. It’s not comfortable for anyone. It can create a poisonous atmosphere for people beyond just the parties directly involved.

When talking to someone higher up today, I very much got the feeling that the organization wanted to make things right. And they did make things right. Hopefully my conflicts will lead to improvements in the process for others. If so, then it was worth it for me. Frustrating, but worth it.

I still don’t plan on shopping there again, although that might change. Today was a good day towards mending things. Thank you to the Ottawa Senators hockey club.

Now just hurry up and change the logo and we can all move on and be happy.